Launching the largest data center in the west and north-west of Iran by NAK

  • event 2020-07-04
  • person PR NAK
Today, the largest data center in the west and north-west of Iran has been launched and connected to the national network of information in Tabriz. Many of high ranking officials attended in the opening ceremony, including: - Dr. Ghalibaf, Speaker of the parliament -Mr. Jahromi, minister of ICT - Dr. Firouzabadi, Secretary of the high council of cyberspace - Dr. Akhavan, CEO of MCI - Dr. Pourmohammadi, Governor of western Azerbaijan - Hojjat-al-Islam Al-e-Hashem, The Imam of Friday prayer of Tabriz - Mr.Taheribakhsh, chairman of board of directors of NAK - Mr. Talebi, CEO and member of the board of NAK  

This center has the capacity of 350 racks, 1500 physical servers, and 16000 virtual servers to provide digital services. By the end of the year, 1370 racks will be added to this center to serve MCI's network, the largest mobile operator in the middle east. Our colleagues in NAK were working hard for ten months to launch the largest data center outside Tehran.

NAK teams tried to rely on local and national technical capabilities to reach their goals, despite the cruel sanctions. Even Coronavirus could not stop them from making another honorable success.

The main goals of "Shahid Ghazi Tabatabaei" data center include:
•    development of the mobile network in the west and north-west
•    providing the infrastructure for virtualizing the network
•    improving the stability of the network
•    improving the control over traffic
•    providing digital services and hosting services to private and organizational customers
 It worths to mention that in the ceremony of opening the data center, high ranking officials gave speeches about the importance and necessity of development of the national information network. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Ghalibaf had officially opened the data center.