92nd derby of Tehran: Maximizing MCI's coverage by NAK

  • event 2020-02-12
  • person PR NAK
Our colleagues in NAK will support MCI subscribers and football fans in 92nd derby of Tehran, leveraging their professional planning and engineering capabilities.

Azadi Stadium, which always has experienced extensive participation of football fans, is now equipped with permanent and emergency telecommunication sites. IBS is also provided at the VIP lounge. Considering these improvements, Azadi Stadium is now ready to serve fans and subscribers in the derbies.

Our efforts to support our football-lover subscribers have faced many challenges, which we overcame by several measures such as Top management support, signing new contracts, financing, launching new telecom sites, and forecasting our network.

Many of our teams put their efforts on this issue, including site acquisition (SA), monitoring, Tehran development, and other line and staff units of NAK. We warmly thank them and wish best for our dear colleagues and football fans.