NAK Company receives third place in the Communications and Telecommunications Group ranking of the Industrial Management Organization as one of the top Iranian companies

  • event 2020-01-21
  • person PR NAK
Following the evaluations made in the ranking center of industrial management organization, NAK Company was ranked third in the Communications and Telecommunications Group per the sales index trailing only Iran Telecommunication Company (Holding) and Iran Mobile Communications Company (Holding).

The announcement by the Industrial Management Organization which began in 1377 and is now in its 22nd year, the assessment was based on the performance of the previous financial year of 1397. The goals included the introduction of top Iranian companies based on IMI rankings, the gathering of senior executives of public and private companies in the country with the aim of increasing the level of cooperation between them, providing the grounds for more interactions between managers and economic policymakers of the country with managers of business firms, and expanding the competition between business firms.


The companies in this ranking, after performing the audited financial statements of the year 1397, had their performance evaluated based on the following indexes of "highest sales", "highest profitability", "highest market value", "highest value added", "most assets" , " the highest rate of employment " and "highest efficiency".


In addition to being ranked third in the Communications and Telecommunications Group in terms of sales index, NAK Company was also ranked 191st out of the top 500 Iranian companies in this category.

We appreciate all hard work of our dear and passionate colleagues. Gaining these honors is the culmination of all their efforts, the long practices and the respect to their work and there heartfelt beliefs.


It should be noted that the closing ceremony of the Top Iranian Companies Conference was held on Sunday morning of January 19th, 2020 at the IRIB International Conference Hall. The ceremony was attended by the Director of Industrial Management Organization, Top Corporate Ranking Managers, the Conference Secretary and a group of Authorities as well as a number of managers and experts from MCI and NAK Companies. The announcement of the results of the 22nd year of rankings for the names of the top Iranian companies were announced and the executives of some of these companies were honored.