NAK company was honored by the Secretariat of the National Productivity Festival

  • event 2019-12-21
  • person PR NAK
During a ceremony, NAK company was honored with two awards from the National Festival Secretariat of Productivity

By presenting the performance report of ARAS Project and participating in the Scientific Committee of the National Competition for Successful Experiences and the National Competition for the Optimization, NAK received two letters of appreciation from the 10th National Productivity Festival.

During the National Productivity Festival evaluations, which lasted two months, the ARAS Project was analyzed using both qualitative and quantitative analysis. This also included the process of achieving successful experiences, how to deliver a successful experiences to other institutions and companies, and several other indicators. Eventually and following in-person and private judgment, NAK company received the letters of appreciation from the relevant secretariat during the closing ceremony of the mentioned festival which was held in the presence of the directors and officials of the festival's secretariat.