A bilateral agreement between MCI & NAK was signed and exchanged during an in-country specialized in-depth workshop on electricity, electronics and telecommunications

  • event 2019-11-26
  • person PR NAK
This Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two companies in the presence of Mr. Rahmani, the minister of Industry, Mining and Trade.

This morning’s ceremony, attended by 26 private companies which included producers, the Deputy of Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the Deputy Minister of Defense and Managing Director of Energy Resources Development Organization, Iran Telecommunications CEO and Managing Directors of Irancell and Mobin Net and some of the country's telecommunications industry CEOs was held at the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade. Mr. Talebi , NAK’ CEO and a member of the board of directors who was also present as one of the private and active reputable companies in the telecom industry signed a joint venture agreement with the MCI ‘ CEO related to detailed design services - radio network optimization and transmission access.


It should be noted that this ceremony which was followed by the signing of contracts between the present companies with the motto of the internal movement aimed at reducing currency dependency and consequently cleverly tackling the cruel sanctions while improving the development plans and strengthening the internal constructs. In this regard, NAK Co. was presented as a private company and a provider of managed telecommunications services, which utilizes native resources and know how, has always strived to prevent the outflow of currency and to strengthen the capacity of Iranian engineers and the telecommunications industry.