Coverage of the second part of Tehran-north freeway by Hamrah Aval Network with the concerted efforts of the the engineers of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company

  • event 2021-08-03
  • person PR NAK
With the concerted effort of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company and simultaneous with the inauguration of the one lane of the Alborz two-lane tunnel, 6.4 Km in length in Tehran-north Freeway, from now on, the subscribers of Hamrah Aval may enjoy the services and facilities of this operator.

According to the department of public relations of Naghsh Aval Keifiat, in accordance with the planning conducted and through an integrated technical operation by the engineers of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company, in addition to amplification of Hamrah Aval Network at the entrance & exit of the tunnel and the venue of holding the official inauguration ceremony of second part of Tehran-north freeway, the mobile network coverage of one lane of Alborz two-lane tunnel, which is known as the longest tunnel of the west of Asia, was operated.

In this though technical operation, the 8th Phase Development Teams, emergency sites, Alborz Maintenance, Design, and Optimization of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company has been able to thoroughly accomplish their duties and figure out another page of capability and honors of the company through round-the-clock operation in extreme climates of the intended areas, deployment of two emergency sites, and installation & commissioning of a fixed BTS site for covering the second part of Tehran-North Freeway.


The glories and honors of the engineers of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company have been figured out despite the cruel sanctions against our beloved country, shortage of equipment and facilities. Yet, the native knowledge and higher capabilities of the  Iranian engineers have paved the way for further development and  for completing this great and important project.


It should be noted that, with the services of Hamrah Aval being used in this project, all Mobile subscribers  may enjoy the high quality contact services and the state of the art technology of mobile network  throughout the tunnel and the freeway.