Salient development of Hamrahe Avval network in 48 cities and affiliated villages of Gilan province

  • event 2021-02-02
  • person PR NAK
On the threshold of anniversary of victory of the revolution, 48 cities and villages of beautiful and green Gilan province enjoyed quality services of Hamrahe Avval by installation of 92 mobile phone sites.
  • “In spite of oppressive sanctions, Hamrahe Avval, the greatest Iranian operator, relying on technical ability of the Iranian capable engineers of Naghshe Avvale Keifiant Company (the greatest affiliate of Hamrahe Avval Company) and with the aim of communicational justice throughout the country, has attempted to install and establish a remarkable number of mobile phone sites in order to keep stability of mobile network as well as to gain consent of its subscribers all over the country, especially in impassable, less developed and some undeveloped places.” Public relations of Naghshe Avvale Keifiant Company reported.
  • Accordingly, by installation of 92 sites in 48 cities and villages of Gilan, especially in Rasht (establishment of 18 sites in past 3 months), Gilan province, that had been encountering serious problems in installing and establishing mobile phone antennas as a result of public prohibitions, can experience high quality of phone calls and high-speed internet.    
  • One of the other engineering activities and technical services of mobile phone network in touristic Gilan province in the recent year is establishment of 519 technologies in this great network with endeavors of experts of the 1st operator in Iran, Iran Telecommunication Company and Naghshe Avvale Keifiat Company. 
  • The Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation (USO) of this remarkable development, in form of the projects of phase 8 of the state development plan, has been done despite some challenges including crossing impassible rural regions, heavy seasonal rains, public prohibitions in rural areas and operation performance in the regions with weak electricity network. 
  • It is worth mentioning that for the purpose of developing mobile phone network in Gilan province in the recent year, Hamrahe Avval has paid approximate sum of Rls.930,000,000,000 for, in addition to remarkable enhance in communication potential in this province, taking effective steps in lowering presence in the offices and training centers during Corona pandemic days.