Committed to Quality Certificate awarded to NAK

  • event 2018-08-14
  • person Public Relations Naghshe Aval Keyfiat
The 4th National Conference on Quality Management was held with the focus on the quality management role in enhancing  productivity level of organizations and enterprises. At the Conference, the Committed to Quality Certificate was awarded to NAK.

As NAK’s Public Relations reports, this conference was held and sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Mine and Trade; the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare; Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran; the Ministry of Agriculture; the National Productivity Organization of Iran; the Association of Standard and Quality Supporters; and was attended by senior executives and professionals from public and private companies.

The 4th National Conference on Quality Management started with specialized panels and workshops on conference topics, and continued with a speech by Mr. Ali Akbar Oliya, the secretary of the conference and the president of the National Productivity Organization, and the representative of Consumer and Producer  Protection Organization. The conference concluded by presenting the commemorative symbol of the conference, and recognizing participating companies based on assessments and indicators focusing on products distinctiveness, products and services competitiveness, commitment and responsiveness to the consumer, compliance with environmental principles, and product availability.

NAK was honored with the Commitment Certificate for improving products and services quality along with outstanding and transformative leadership, based on the Conference scientific committee assessment and NAK’s performance reports.

Participating in this national conference is a tool for achieving product quality outcomes, a platform for exchanging ideas, and a means for achieving practical solutions for enhancing quality standards of products and services and is considered as a symbolic action for recognizing manager’s efforts and raising consumer awareness of high quality products and services in the country.