Took place by timely presence of NAK technical team:

Restraining connectivity crisis in the North East of Tehran


Connectivity crisis in the North East of Tehran was restrained by timely presence of NAK technical team.

A few minutes after Azan in the morning of June 28, the sound of explosions   launched Shahran area residents into the alley and street.

Within moments after, it was found that gas pipeline explosion has destroyed everything and there is no connection possibility in the area. Fixed and mobile phones were discontinued. Of course, this disconnection was not limited to Shahran area and thousands of subscribers in the North West of Tehran could not use Iran Mobile Communication line. Hours after the incident and the presence of General Director of Mobile Communications in Tehran in the area, the order of the formation of crisis teams were issued and 500 thousand subscribers who did not have access to MCI network were promised through the media that their telephone connection would be restored quickly and by the end of the night. Engineer Mehdi Abbas Khani announcing the details, informed about the new capacities of mobile line by noon that day and said:" Connection of more than 350 thousand subscribers has been connected in the area. Of course with the efforts of all partners, the CEO promise was practiced and subscribers benefited from the country's largest operator services as before."