Attended by MCI managers and experts, and NAK managers and experts, the first meeting of North- East Area Project Conference was held in Abali in the fourth and fifth June.

According to NAK Company Public Relations, the two-day meeting was held with the aim of brainstorming, synergy, interaction and reviewing 9-month performance of the mentioned project as well as future plans of the project.

According to the report, Gentlemen Engineer Abbas Khani, the CEO, and Engineer Mokhtarnia, vice president of NAK Company, and Gentlemen Engineer Abbaspoor, former CEO of the North- East Area and Engineer Kardel, former CEO of Design and Optimization Office of the North- East Area, made speeches on the meeting about the company`s strengths and weaknesses and future plans for the development of Phase 7.

It should be noted that North- East Area includes seven provinces of Gilan, Golestan, Mazandaran, North, Rasavi and south Khorasan, and Sistan-Baluchistan