Service Description

What is this Service?

In this fast moving and highly competitive network environment, one of the major challenge for Mobile Operators is how to meet end-users expectation for a high quality mobile broadband experience. However traffic volume growth increases pressure on service delivery and management costs: understanding the impact of these evolving market dynamics on backhaul networks is critical to implement a truly optimized transport solution, one that can cost-effectively meet Operators’ performance, reliability and future needs.

Who is interested in this Service?

Network operators, Equipment Vendors and OEMs Companies, turnkey RF Design and Optimization Players

What are the main Specifications of this Service?

NAK is a specialized in backhaul planning with the proven experience and expertise to plan, engineer, deliver and install solutions optimized for the specific backhaul application needs. NAK end-to-end mobile backhaul solutions offer built-in synchronization, extensive security, and end-to-end network management.

NAK engineering services offer the expertise, Tools, and experience necessary for successful planning, management, and implementation of wireless backhaul.

Backhaul Design services include:

1. Topology Analysis
Determine the best configuration for your network (star, ring, and tandem) that meets your connectivity, reliability, and redundancy requirements 2. Capacity Planning
Ensure sufficient throughput on each network segment with scalability for growth and aggregation efficiencies 3. LOS Feasibility
Evaluate LOS (line-of-sight) feasibility for each link based on clearance criteria and antenna height possibilities 4. Band Selection
Determine frequency band options based on path length and reliability calculations considering multi-path and rain outage.

Values to Service Receivers

NAK offers complete backhaul network design services, working closely with Customers to fully understand their requirements and existing infrastructure. A detailed design - for the complete network, i.e., covering architecture, specifications, performance requirements, products, protection, and management - will be the delivery.

Designs are cost effective, take into account future expansions, and are based on suitable/compatible products and solutions.

Service Receivers Testimony (References)

1. Customer: MCI Project : 2G Backhaul Planning Scope: 3100 Links Year: September 2013 Status: on-going

2. Customer: MCI Project : 3G Backhaul Planning Scope: 1300 Links Year: July 2014 Status: on-going

3. Customer: MCI Project : 4G(LTE) Backhaul Planning Scope: 168 Links Year: November 2014 Status: on-going.