Service Description

What is this Service?

RF planning is a critical component for effective and successful design, deployment, and expansion of mobile networks. Proper RF planning and subsequent network optimization are necessary to obtain the highest availability and performance for all system users.

Effective planning is performed through a process of investigation, analysis, definition of system-wide technology parameters, and allocation of radio resources.

Who is interested in this Service?

Telecom Operators, Vendors and OEMs Companies turnkey RF design and optimization.

What are the main Specifications of this Service?

NAK RF Planning Service consists of professional services that can be packaged to fulfill Customer requirements. These can range from a single one-time service to complete ongoing coverage from design through deployment and optimization.

The following services are available:

1. Spectrum Scanning and Interference Inspection

2. Nominal Site Planning for New Site and Relocation

3. Support Site Acquisition Team

4. Technical Site Survey (TSS) and Reporting

5. Database Creation for Mobile Access

6. Detailed RF Planning and Validation

7. Drive Test and Network Benchmarking

8. Network Initial Tuning and Pre-Optimization

9. Support with Site Integration

Values to Service Receivers

NAK Professional services help Customers reduce their operational costs and realize higher ROI from network planning solutions. We provide global customers with the option to select and customize services provided by our RF Planning services department. This ensures that the desired level of engagement is maintained throughout all RF planning activities.

Service Receivers Testimony (References)

1. Customer: MCI, Project: 2G RF Planning, Scope: 3100 sites, Year: September 2013, Status: on-going

2. Customer: MCI, Project: 3G RF Planning, Scope: 1300 sites, Year: July 2014, Status: on-going

3. Customer: MCI, Project: 4G RF Planning, Scope: 200 sites, Year: November 2014, Status: on-going.