Service Description

What is this Service?

NAK Network Performance Management Service addresses monitoring Network performances and Quality of services, and assists in the understanding of Network behavior by managing, analyzing and presenting performance data generated by the Network. NAK has developed Proprietary Tools which support Service execution, independently from any Customer Toolset

Who is interested in this Service?

Telecom Operators, Managed services Vendors, Network Planning and Optimization services Vendors.

What are the main Specifications of this Service?

NAK NPM Service includes:

1. Defining and finalizing KPI formulas, creating measurements and collecting raw data

2. Developing automation Tools to collect data on time and generating precise reports.

3. KPI monitoring, evaluating service performance trends, comparing service performance results with agreed KPI threshold and QoS or SLAs

4. Generating daily, weekly network performance reports for all stakeholders

5. CR health check monitoring

6. Q&A of all network activities like radio modernization, new site integration and swap sites

7. Improving planning decisions by identifying under-used and over-used Network resources

8. Identifying needs and opportunities for better planning so as to reduce CAPEX and OPEX in the long term.

Values to Service Receivers

With comprehensive insights into the Radio Access Network (RAN), core network (including all IP and Ethernet elements) pertinent voice core elements and the end-to-end (E2E) performance of backhauls networks, service providers can troubleshoot problems more proactively, efficiently plan for future traffic needs and deliver highly reliable services in shorter time frames.

Service Receivers Testimony (References)

1. Customer: MCI, Project: 2G RAN and CS CORE, Scope: Tehran (2400 sites), Year: 2013-14-15, Duration: 2 years, Status: on-going

2. Customer: MCI, Project: 3G RAN and CS CORE, Scope: Tehran (800 sites), Year: 2014-2015, Duration: 1 year, Status: on-going.

3. Customer: MCI, Project: 4G Network, Scope: Tehran, Year: 2015, Duration:6 months, Status: started

4. Customer: MCI, Project: CS-Core, Scope: Tehran Huawei MSS pool (7m subscribers) Year: 2014, Duration: 6 months, Status: on-going.